About us

Our Vision

“To become the apex body for the auto mobile sector in Sri Lanka”


Our Mission

“To be current across all spectrums of the automobile industry whilst positively inclusive organization.”
L to R Standing

Manjula Vidanapathirana, Channa Subasinghe, Devapriya Hettiarachchi, Kanishka Athula Haputantri, Hemantha Vijitha Kumara, Geethal Anthony, Suraj Jayathilaka
L to R Seated

MG Kalpa Sanjeewa,Charaka Perera,Amal Piyatilake,Ravith Silva,
P. Naamagal, Thushara Surawera, Rajeev Chandrakumar, D. N. S. Dewasurendra
In a world where the automotive perpetually transforms, one organization takes center stage as the harbinger of this evolution — the Automobile Industry Council. This visionary entity, born as a government-backed and privately led initiative, is resolutely dedicated to guiding the automobile industry into a new era of innovation, skill enhancement, and global eminence. Its paramount mission: to revolutionize the industry’s landscape, shifting it from a consumer-centric model into a globally interconnected manufacturing powerhouse. The Automobile Industry Council steadfastly sets its sights on a compelling vision for the future.

Driving the Transformation

The primary ambition of the Automobile Industry Council is nothing short of revolutionary. Its goal is to blaze a trail in the transformation of the automobile industry, enabling it to transcend the constraints of conventional thinking and embrace a truly international perspective.

This odyssey rests upon a dual commitment to fostering skill development and advancing education within the sector. By championing these essential facets, the council envisages a dynamic and interlinked future for the industry, marked by a profusion of skilled professionals and cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

A Board of Diversity and Engagement

To translate this vision into reality, the Automobile Industry Council has curated an illustrious Board of Directors, distinguished by its diverse composition and strategic significance. This board reflects the synergy between the government and the industry, featuring an assembly of key players. The council’s governance benefits from the involvement of six ex Officio members representing the Ministries of Education, Finance, Industries, and Transport, adding governmental gravitas to its pursuits. Furthermore, two pivotal skills-based government organizations, namely TVEC and NAITA, play instrumental roles in shaping the industry’s destiny.

The council also brings an academic perspective to the fore by partnering with two prestigious Institutes recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) — CGTTI and UNIVOTECH. This academic alliance underscores the council’s commitment to nurturing a talent pool primed to lead the industry into the future.

The Board of Directors is further enriched by the inclusion of eight industry stakeholders, each championing distinct sectors within the automotive domain:

  • Vehicle manufacturers and assemblers

  • Manufacturers of vehicle components and accessories

  • Providers of maintenance, repair, breakdown, and emergency services

  • Importers, dealers, and distributors of vehicles and components

  • Providers of transportation services

  • Authorities in design, engineering, research, and development

  • National-level Associations/Chambers within the domain

  • Automobile sector associations authorized to issue International Driving Permits

Each of these sectors hold a vital position in the council’s decision-making processes, ensuring that all facets of the industry have a dedicated voice. This inclusivity promotes a holistic approach to the development of the industry, fostering a well-rounded and equitable evolution.

Membership with a Purpose

The Automobile Industry Council extends an array of membership options, encompassing a total of 20 distinct categories. These memberships cater to both individuals and corporate entities, providing a space for every stakeholder in the automotive sector.

Whether you are an automotive enthusiast, a manufacturer, a service provider, or a part of the academic community, there is a membership tailored to your specific interests and goals.

What sets the council’s membership apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering tangible value. As a member, you are not a mere observer but an active participant in shaping the industry’s destiny. Your involvement directly contributes to the realization of the council’s primary objective — the transformation of the industry into a global manufacturing hub. Moreover, membership positions you to benefit from the council’s initiatives aimed at enhancing skills, education, and international connectivity.

In a heartwarming gesture, the council goes beyond safeguarding its members’ professional interests. Under its membership schemes, the council provides life and professional indemnity insurance policies. This means that members are not only protected against professional liabilities but also ensure the security and welfare of their families, especially those who depend on them as the breadwinners.

A Credible Force for Progress

With all the industry stakeholders collectively represented, the council has established an environment of credible checks and balances. This approach fortifies the industry, ensuring that its transformation is both comprehensive and equitable.

A Bright Horizon

As the Automobile Industry Council marches forward, it warmly extends an invitation to all stakeholders to join hands in constructing a brighter, more prosperous future for the automotive industry. By becoming part of this dynamic and visionary organization, you secure not just your own stake in the industry but also contribute to a future characterized by innovation, skill development, and global connectivity. Together, we can drive the transformation of the automotive industry, and the Automobile Industry Council stands as your unwavering partner on this exhilarating journey.